UK Cable Channels

This is an old post. Please see updated channel lineup.

Okay, first of all, old technology is still technology. There are those who say TV is dead. Do you have a TV? Uh-huh. Planning to pitch it in the trash next week? I didn’t think so. Radio is still with us, too; but television changed its content and presentation. In the commercial world, Web-based content is changing traditional television’s content and presentation, but I don’t think “TV” as a delivery method is going to completely come to a halt soon. Perhaps eventually … it will be interesting.

In the meantime, the University of Kentucky has cable access and programming available to you for classroom or other use. Beyond the programs that already appear on UK’s channels (which I’ll list farther down), we’re always looking for other content. Perhaps you have a research project that is captured in video. Maybe your students are developing content based on assignments. UK’s cable channels are not bound by conventional programming times; we can string together several shorter pieces of content to round out an hour or half-hour. Contact me if you think you have something you’d like to share on campus cable. But be warned: I’ll want to know if you have the rights for everything in the video. If need be, I can help you determine that, or you can give me a call before making class assignments to find out more about having students avoid copyright infringement in video.

UK has seven cable channels through Insight Communications. Five are accessible only on campus; an additional two are available both on campus and throughout Fayette County.
*Channel 16 (campus, community): Includes Research Channel programming, distance learning courses for college credit, JAT News and UK Bulletin Board with WUKY audio.
*Channel 19 (campus, community): Includes Classic Arts Showcase programming, Ag OTA and UK Bulletin Board.
*Channel 49 (campus only): UK Bulletin Board with WUKY audio. Available for special programming.
*Channel 48 (campus only): Available for special programming and used for delivering satellite downlink programming to campus.
*Channel 46 (campus only): French, English and Spanish language programming
*Channel 45 (campus only): Deutsche Welle programming for German Studies
*Channel 50 (campus only): Student channel that includes movies, student produced programming and a bulletin board with WRFL audio.

If you have any trouble receiving these channels on a television in your building, first look to see if you have a cable drop and if the television is actually connected to the cable outlet. If that’s not the problem, check the television menu to ensure that “cable” is selected for video input instead of “antenna.” (If you use a DVD or VCR player, then the menu may need to be accesssed through that device.) If you are still having problems, let me know and I’ll see what I can find out.


2 Responses

  1. Sorry, but I just had to comment to say that Patrick and I haven’t had a TV for at least 6 months and for about 5 years leading up to getting rid of it, we didn’t have cable or get any reception so it was only ever used to play DVDs or our PlayStation. 🙂

    (We’ve since gotten rid of the PlayStation and if we want to watch a movie we do it on the computer.)

  2. Ha! I would say good for you, but having just come from the TV industry, I must say: bad, bad Zabet. 😉

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