I2 for KY

Last week I attended the Convergence Conference in Somerset, Ky., and I had the pleasure of presenting with Dr. John Kielkopf of the University of Louisville. He and I had some information to share about Internet2 and, specifically, two projects that are enhanced by I2. Here at the University of Kentucky, Dr. Suzanne Weaver Smith and I – and a team of other talented people – are working on an I2 outreach project that features Big Blue. Big Blue is all about student teams developing usable inflatable wings for unmanned aircraft, intended for flight over Mars. How exciting is that? I’ll answer: very. In February, Dr. Smith will bring Big Blue outreach via I2 to several classrooms in Kentucky. More about that later as we develop the project further. Do come back to find out more. Dr. Kielkopf talked about Southern Skies, which is a collaboration between the University of Louisvilloe and the University of Southern Queensland, and it involves the development of remotely and robotically operated telescopes for research and teaching – and also for lifelong learning for interested parties. I loved his tale of the most popular visual at the Moore Observatory: the birdfeeder. He said he would get email from somewhere across the world in the middle of the night letting him know that the birdfeeder needed a refill.  But I’m getting off topic here. I encourage you to visit the website and take a look at the night sky (or the birdfeeder, I guess). And think about I2 and its possibilities for your own educational initiatives.


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