season’s greetings & see you next year

technology180 will take a break over the next two and a half weeks, returning bright and early on Jan. 2. Let me leave you with some video … the places and faces of the Teaching & Academic Support Center at the University of Kentucky. Visit our homepage at, where you can choose to view the Director’s Message (about a minute long) and/or Meet the Members of TASC (about 3 and a half minutes) in QuickTime. Happy Holidays from us to you!


a new look, thank goodness

Wildcat ThursdayHappy day, I found an actual Wildcat avatar for Wildcat Thursday in Second Life … much better than the cross between a fox and a racoon that I had before. (Thanks to the colleague at UofL for the friendly recommendation.) Wildcat attended a meeting last week of staff who working in Second Life on behalf of several Kentucky universities. I think we were all somewhat relieved to find that all of us had questions … and that working cooperatively might help all of us with finding the answers. Well, Wildcat certainly feels better, anyway. 😉

getting audio/video copyright permissions

The non-profit Copyright Alliance hopes to be the bridge between an instructor’s desire to use video or audio resources in the classroom and the recording and motion picture industries’ ownership of copyright. At least one critic said that Copyright Alliance’s proposed wiki would do more harm than good. I rather think that it’s a step in the right direction as long as there is a section addressing Fair Use. What do you think? Read the article in the Chronicle and visit the Copyright Alliance homepage for more information.

talk about mobile

Mobile phones and other mobile devices are busy with educational applications. It seems that new examples emerge every day. Here are some you might find interesting:

the visible past

Here’s an interesting article about teaching history in virtual reality. Scroll down past the video for discussion.

64 whole kilobytes of RAM!!!

Oh, my, this is the one I learned on. The Commodore 64 is remembered 25 years later. My high school (over in Murray, Ky.) got its first ones in 1982, and I was in that first, small computer class. I’ve been giving my young son “computer lessons,” and I tried to explain that when I learned we had nothing but a cursor prompt, and we wrote programs in something called BASIC. And we walked to school uphill both ways in the snow, too, so nyah.

and now for something completely different

Here’s a demonstration of musical … capacity? Is this a Discovery Seminar in the making?

Vegetable Orchestra