Out with the old, sadly enough

Having been a long-time resident of Northern Kentucky before moving here to Lexington, I mourned on Dec. 31 the passing of the Cincinnati Post/Kentucky Post. It’s the way of the world … or at least the technology … that the old gives way to the new. Quotes attributed the paper’s demise in part to the larger trend of the disappearing afternoon newspaper. But certainly, I think, all newspapers stand at the precipice, some with the rocks crumbling away ‘neath their toes and some looking for new pathways leading to safety.

I like newspapers. I like holding The Herald-Leader in my hands to read. I also visit kentucky.com several times a week. Both can and do serve a purpose. I think the H-L is an example of a good balance. Most of the innovation any more, though, tends to happen in the electronic format. The moveable type that contributed to the start of the Spanish-American War finds its true heirs among the digital media. (And, yes, I make that statement intact with all that it implies.)

For those of us who like to use newspapers for teaching, learning, or just reading, that means that if we have access to the Internet we also have access to a massive amount of information and archives from all over the world. And, just like we always have with newspapers, we need to wade through it with a critical eye. But how interesting now to be able to compare subjects by reading articles in different newspapers both nationally and internationally. I will, however, miss The Post, which had a staff that truly understood, in a way that its major competitor in Cincy still does not, the meaning of community journalism. The world is getting smaller, but, you know, I still like knowing about my corner in detail.


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  1. Digitization of news papers is the new way of circulation and in this digital age, every publisher should publish their publications in digital formats. The website http://www.pressmart.net which i’ve found recently provides the e-edition services of print publications. I think every publisher should use these kinds of services to increase their circulations, maintain archives, etc.

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