Digital converter coupons

If you missed the big announcement on January 2, the government is running an all-out campaign to inform the public about television’s digital conversion. Included in the information is the opportunity to request a coupon that will bring the cost of a digital broadcast (not for cable) converter for your current analog set down to about $20. Things to keep in mind: 1) if you use cable, you don’t need the converter (it’s for folks who get their TV over the air waves); 2) there is a limit of two coupons per household on first come, first-served basis; and 3) the coupons will be mailed to you when the converters become commercially available, and then you have, I believe, 90 days to use the coupon. I have read others’ blogs who caution also that you should wait to request a coupon until you see the converters on the market, which is not bad advice. For more information, visit and for plain English visit my earlier blog entry on the topic.


One Response

  1. Hi Patsy,

    Thanks for such a clear explanation of digital versus analog tv. Before reading your post I though that digital meant cable tv.

    ~Benita Clarke
    Blue 2.0 co-participant

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