Blue 2.0

I’ve just started a program Blue 2.0. It’s all about Library 2.0, using “Web 2.0” technologies in a Library setting. Blue 2.0 is a 12-week online program – primarily for Librarians but a few others of us sneaked in – to help people understand and learn to use blogs, chat, RSS, wikis, online applications, online video, social networking and more. So far, so good. This weeks’ topics are blogging and chatting, with which I am familiar. I have learned that there are applications that give you simultaneous access to your different chat utilities, which is interesting. If all goes well, perhaps we can find a way to bring these tutorials or ones like them to a broader audience.


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  1. This is exciting. I would like to follow Blue 2.0 and see what tips I can pick up and expand on my knowledge. As a high school Librarian I am trying a chat experiment this year, offering chat help from 8-9 pm in the evenings. So far very few students have taken advantage of the service. Now I am trying to understand why and that brings me to an important point: we can employ 2.0 services in our libraries but that may still not mean that we are in-tune with our patrons. So understanding our users is paramount.

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