Visit us in Second Life

Just a reminder that University of KY island is now open for visitors. We’ve had a few people drop by – please feel free to take a look at what’s going on. In SL, open your Search window and search for University of KY (spelled just like that). Then teleport to the island.

Students have begun popping in, as we have a class meeting in SL this semester. As island administrator, I have enjoyed meeting them … but there is some clean-up involved! Last week we had an airplane parked in the side (yes, IN the side) of the virtual W.T. Young Library. I saved the student from librarian wrath by removing it when he admitted he couldn’t get it out. I really wish I had taken a picture first, though.


2 Responses

  1. Are you giving away T shirts? Huh? Huh?? (grin)

    Less flippantly, that might be a nice touch, especially for alumni dropping by. One of my commonly worn items is a T shirt from my own Almah Matah, Rollins College. I believe there’s a quick tutorial on how to make a quickie T in Brian A. White’s Second Life: A Guide to Your Virtual World.

  2. Yes, actually, we are! You can get a Kentucky t-shirt on the island, or you can IM Wildcat Thursday to get one. Thanks for the tutorial info, too, though. That’s always really helpful.

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