the island’s been busy

We have had many new visitors to and inquiries about University of KY island in Second Life, thanks to the article in the Kentucky Kernel. That’s great! Come and visit! A couple of things I would add for your information:

  • The island is in its infancy, and so it is really in a testing phase. Please be patient as things change and grow. 
  • If you are searching for the island, search this phrase: University of KY
  • If you want to set the island as your home, you need to join the University of Kentucky group. Search on University of Kentucky under groups and then join. Send an IM to Wildcat Thursday, Island Administrator, if you have difficulty. (We’re still working out the kinks. Bear with us.)
  • Please keep building and experimentation to the Sandbox area. That’s what it’s for, and it helps by keeping the island cleaned up. (Items in the sandbox are auto-returned to you after five hours.)

Please post, IM or leave messages in-world on the island about your impressions, ideas and comments. And enjoy!


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