ACL in SLFun times last night in Second Life! While getting to know some people/avatars in Second Life who are connected to education, I ran across a former colleague, the director of education for KLRN (public television, San Antonio). Since I’m former director of education for CET (public television, Cincinnati), it was a nifty connection to make. She invited me to Austin City Limits in Second Life, which took place on ISTE island. There were free T-shirts for avatars, plenty of dance balls (items you can click on, and the script contained allows your avatar to dance), a great band (Shelley King), and good company. Lots of boot-scootin’ was going on … I’ve never actually tried that in real life, but Wildcat looks darn good dancing the line dance in Second Life. Seriously, it was very interesting to view a largish event like that in Second Life, and to think about both how it was organized and how it grew to success. Ya’ll come on over to Wildcat’s flikr account and see what it looked like.theband


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