If you haven’t visited iTunesU lately (or at all), now is a good time. It’s a growing area for educational and instructional podcasting. To enter, open your iTunes software (free at and then click on iTunes Store. In the window that opens, click on iTunesU (it will be in a box near the top left of the page). Once in the right place, you’ll find a list of universities ranging from Duke and MIT to Texas A&M and UC Berkeley. This section also includes some public television audio and video podcasts.


2 Responses

  1. I heard that UK was to be a part of iTunesU but I haven’t heard anything about that recently. I noticed that a few UK faculty have materials for class posted on iTunes. I don’t suppose you’ve heard anything about our involvement with iTunesU? Seems like an excellent way to make materials available.

  2. Actually, yes, and coming soon! I went to a demo last month (January). It is being tweaked, and my understanding is that the UKy presence on iTunesU is imminent. As soon as I hear something I will post it on my blog for sure.

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