What’s that lady doing, Mom?

So, I’m watching an ’80s-era movie with my kids. Woman in a car reaches over to her door and starts moving her arm in a circular motion. You know, she’s rolling up the window. My son looks at me and asks, “What’s that lady doing, Mom?” My daughter looks at an I-Spy book and isn’t sure about which hidden image is the phone. Oh, she sees it, but it’s a rotary. When we moved here to Lexington, we didn’t take cable for a while. Teaching them about “rabbit ears” was a hoot. “Don’t stand in that part of the room! I’m trying to watch the news!”  Are you with me? Yes, you oldie but goodie, you are. And so are others. Check out the Obsolete Skills webpage, complete with an A-Z wiki under way for editing/additions. Does anyone still need to know how to churn butter? Crank a telephone? Learn cursive writing? (ouch!)


One Response

  1. Yes, my parents thought I needed to learn how to milk a cow, process the milk, churn butter, make cottage cheese and butter… my cow was a beautiful Jersey named “Isle” and I miss those early mornings on the farm. I hated the night milking though, especially on a night when I had a date. Being in Scott County, Kentucky in the 1960s meant a telephone without even a rotary dial on the phone, by the way. Did you know what to say to someone who answers the phone with “Number, please?” My rural Kentucky skills were used in rural Zimbabwe in the 1980s. I do not hope to use them any more. I could build an obsolete skills sim in Second Life though – wouldn’t that be fun?!

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