Google Docs

In the continuing Blue 2.0 work toward learning about Web 2.0 applications, I’ve done some work with Google Docs. In fact, this blog entry was created in Google Docs and then posted directly to technology180. It was very easy. The interface is familiar (no different really than most word processing packages I’ve worked with), but the difference is that it is completely web-based and is accessible from any computer (requiring only a browser and Internet access). I can save it, I can share it with others, I can post it to my blog, etc. The only catch is, of course, that you must have a free Google account.

Google Docs does make it very easy to share documents for editing. Here at UKy we also have SharePoint, which is probably preferable for my work-related shared documents. Google Docs does, though, give me other options for sharing with friends, volunteer groups, and social groups.


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