fun with photos

For Blue 2.0 this week (play week!) I worked on fun editing applications for photos. The “artwork” here was produced using LunaPic, a free online photo editor.warholgal In an earlier entry, I talked about Gimp, a photo editor that you download and use to crop, artistically alter and otherwise edit photos. An online editor allows you to upload a photograph to the editor (which is found at a website, in this case the LunaPic site). It was a fairly easy operation: I went to the website, uploaded the photos as directed, and chose the appropriate effect. It was fun to try the different effects (and easy to remove the ones I didn’t like), and I finally found that, for this photo of my little gal, the “Warhol effect” was the right one. There are many effects to choose from, and even other categories, such as animation, drawing and other effects. I really liked how this turned out, and after I was done, it was a simple click to download the finished product to my desktop computer’s hard drive. I highly recommend it. You can try it for yourself at


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