you … but not really

patsycatpicassoheadI’m in the habit of using a photo of my inner child (who was my outer child when I was about 5) for blog posts and other matters of the Web. Some people use a current photo, some use none at all or an unrelated graphic. And then there are those who create specialized avatars for themselves. This week for Blue 2.0, in addition to the photo editing I talked about in my earlier post, I also played around with avatar creation. My favorite of the sample applications was Mr. Picasso Head, which allowed me to create an avatar from Picasso-like strokes but did not seem to give me a way to save and keep my avatar. There doesn’t seem to be a way to save the resulting avatar image, except to either print and scan it (what I did) or do a screen print (alt+printscreen keys) and paste into your photo editor (which can take a little more effort to get exactly what you want). <Update as of July 2008: Seems they have added a Save option.> The avatar does remain in the gallery. There are other options for creating avatars, and several can be found listed at the recent assignment at Blue 2.0 from UK Libraries (scroll down to 13. Clone Yourself).


2 Responses

  1. I found your Mr. Picasso Head! You’re right – they don’t make it easy to save the thing….

  2. Update: Mr. Picasso Head seems to have added a “save” feature. Cool!

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