a “youtube” for powerpoint

There’s a nify site where you can upload and share your PowerPoint presentations if you wish. You may mark them as being downloadable – or not – and can share with everyone or only those you invite to view. The site is called SlideShare. A word of caution: if you have a “show” put together with timed slides and music, you will need to direct people to download it to be able to play the slideshow. Just looking online, they will only be able to advance slides one at a time with no sound. Curious? See mine:
Notice you can advance through the slideshow right there on the SlideShare webpage, but if you download (see button on SlideShare site, underneath and to right of the desired opening slide) to your hard drive, you can play it with music/timed slides (just open and “play slideshow” from your menu).

You can also insert into your blog, but only as a slideshow, not as a downloadable “show”:


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  1. I use another site for presentation sharing – http://slideboom.com This converter save animations, audio and video.

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