For my latest work on Blue 2.0, I did a little work in Flickr. It’s an easy-to-use photo site where you can share photographs … for all kinds of reasons. I have long used Kodak Gallery, which I got into by virtue of having bought a Kodak digital camera. It allows me to upload photos and share … or of course to paste on all kinds of products to purchase (those I share with also get that invitation). Flickr is similar but less commercial (in that it is not tied to a product that I have bought) and a little more like social networking (you can tag photos, comment, create groups, and so forth). It’s also a little more flip (“not only does Flickr make you smell better, it also makes you more attractive!”) and fun. I enjoyed working with Flickr, but as always it takes a while to learn the ins and outs of a new service (one that’s “new to you”).

For the purposes of this assignment, I’m supposed to share the page I created. But I think more interesting, from an earlier entry, is what the Library of Congress is doing with Flickr, calling on all of us to participate in identifying historical photos. Here we can see the potential for using Flickr for research or project development.

More to come, as I am running shamefully late on assignments … .


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