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Blue 2.0 has been so much fun. It’s been a great way to explore some applications that have been only in my periphery. The last set of assignments have to do with social networking. I started with MySpace … I’m least familiar with that one. I’ve been on Facebook for a while and am used to it, so MySpace was a little cumbersome to use. I really can’t tell if it is not as intuitive or if I’m just an old fogey who learns slowly. I still can’t quite figure out how to post my “mood.” This is my MySpace page. My Facebook page is more robust because I joined last fall. I found Facebook to be a little more straightforward and, well, grown-up in look and feel. Groups were easy to join and to create, and I have the bonus of being able to stay in touch easily with nieces and nephews who are far cooler than I. For the final (*sniff*) activity, I had to investigate another social network, either choosing one from a list or finding one on my own. I found one called BOOMj, which is touted as a social networking group for both the elder statesmen Baby Boomers and their kid brothers and sisters, Generation Jones, the latter of which I fall into. (Apparently we of the last few Baby Boom years have our own designation. Aren’t we special?) BOOMj (man, the j for jones is even lower case; what the … ?) is very similar to fb (Facebook). EXCEPT THAT THE IMAGES AND FONTS ARE BIGGER AND CLEARER. So I set up my BOOMj page and went exploring. Most of the functionality is the same, but without the cool factor. Sorry, the cool is just not there. And the “targeted” ads kind of get on my nerves. ESPECIALLY BECAUSE THEY ARE SO BIG. Okay, so I’m old and my vision’s going. What’s your point? Frankly, I have friends of all ages and far too many social networking opportunties (online and in real life) right now, so I don’t see piling BOOMj onto that and making another friends list. I do like fb quite a lot, and will continue to keep that active.

For the university crowd, fb seems a natural. There are so many students on fb already that it makes a great conduit for information and discussion. If you haven’t tried to set up a fb account, it’s worth a look. To create your own page, go to and follow the instructions. If you use your UKy email, you’ll automatically be put into the Kentucky Network. What you reveal about yourself is up to you. If you do it, “friend” me and I’ll be happy to answer any questions.

So, Library Goddesses … do I pass?


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  1. You get an A+, Patsycat! Excellent job on this assignment and throughout.

    BTW, I adapt FB and all things web to my old fogey eyes by increasing font size in my browser – one reason I love liquid web design. If I increase my font size and your design breaks, Shame On You!

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