digital tv coupons

The first of the NTIA (National Telecommunications and Information Administration) digital converter coupons have shipped, which means that the first of the digital converters are now available in your big box stores. These converters are to make your over-the-air analog TV reception happy with a digital signal. Please note the words “over the air.” If you have cable and you intend to keep it after analog television signals go away next year, then the converter is not necessary. Here, read this, and it will help (promise). If you have received one of these coupons in the mail, note that it does have an expiration date in about 90 days. If you do in fact need a converter box, then you can place your order for a coupon at Remember, on campus, if you have an analog set and are connected to UKTV’s Insight Cable, you’re good to go; no converter needed.


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