Blue 2.0 finishes … and begins again

If you follow technology180, you know I participated in University of Kentucky Libraries’ Blue 2.0, an online introduction to a variety of Web 2.0 tools for librarians on campus (though a few of us crashed that party). They’re wrapping it up with happy hour tomorrow (those crazy librarians), and now it’s my turn to steal their idea and run with it. Well, it’s not stealing, really. Actually, the Web 2.0 for librarians phenom started elsewhere, but our UK Libraries staff really owned it, naming it Blue 2.0 and customizing for its audience. And they are gracious enough to be enthusiastic when I say I’d like to work with UK Libraries and TASC staff to first test it with Integrated Academic Services staff and then roll it out for customization and use by departments and colleges across campus. So, if you get a chance, look at the website for UK Libraries Blue 2.0, and then comment here and tell me what you would like to see offered in such an online introduction. What else would be helpful for your corner of the university? Let’s collaborate to put something useful and fun together!


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