subscribing to a blog

If you read many blogs – or if you know of several you’d like to read regularly, but, golly, who has the time? – then read on, my friend. Syndication is a godsend for those of us who have several favorites but don’t want to spend all day clicking and traveling the Web to read. Syndication: sometimes used interchangably with the word feed or aggregator, or to mention a specific type you may have heard, RSS. By using syndication, reading your faves becomes as easy as reading a newspaper, except without the ink coming off on your hands and with the bonus of not having to follow stories to pages deep within the paper. Many blogs will have links to their feed page that you simply click and add to your RSS, which is then accessible from the browser and Outlook. But there are websites that will do the gathering for you as well, and with one bookmark, there you are with all your blog news and updates (you can also subscribe to updates on photo pages and more – anything with a feed). Personally, I like the web-based aggregators. Here’s my favorite: Bloglines. A few others: Google Reader, Rojo, and FeedDemon (if you like an Outlook-type interface). They are free. Just look for “sign up for an account” on the homepage of each.


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