just a tv fool

If you are trying to figure out where your free television content lies after the digital transition is complete, or what digital content you can find being broadcast right now in your community, try tvfool.com. In fact, the site allows you to check for all free TV (read: broadcast over the air) in your area. It also includes a section called fmfool, which does not seem to be as robust, but maybe it will grow. (I am truly one of those fools who prefers home-grown radio as opposed to satellite or streaming, so I’d like to see more on fmfool.)


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  1. If you have sattalite or cable then you don’t even have to worry about the whole digital conversion. If you watch tv with an TV then you can just buy one of those converter boxes. The government is giving out coupons for them.

  2. That’s correct, Steven. Check out these two entries for 1) info on the change for both cable and broadcast, and 2) how to get your coupon: 1) https://technology180.wordpress.com/2007/11/13/your-digital-future/ and 2) https://technology180.wordpress.com/2008/01/14/digital-converter-coupons/
    This is important info to understand, because the big box stores will not explain it to you. They want you to buy a new high def TV!

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