KySTE Conference

The Kentucky Society of Technology in Education (KySTE) has posted information about its upcoming conference (June 11-13) for teachers, leaders and technology support personnel on its website.  The organization would like to increase participation of the pre-service teachers and instructors/professors as well as encourage everyone to become members of their professional technology organization. This summer’s KySTE conference, at Crossroads Elementary in Cold Spring, Ky., will feature keynote speakers Mike Ribble, co-author of the book Digital Citizenship; Greg Palmer, Executive Director of MAGPI; and Jon Draud, Kentucky Commissioner of Education. In addition, numerous sessions will be available at all levels of proficiency and interest.

And there’s a special deal for pre-service teachers: If they sign up for the $25 KySTE membership, then in lieu of conference registration payment they may simply select the sessions to attend and be in charge of introducing that session and the speaker.  They will also hand out door prize tickets to session attendees, as well as take a number count of those attending the session in which they are participating. Should they sign up for the same session as another pre-service teacher, they may be asked to be an alternate for another session. To take advantage of that option, register online, and then be sure to email Michele Crowley, KySTE President, with your registration information so that she can manually enter your information for assisting with the sessions and to identify you for a free registration.


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