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The wiki is something that I still have difficulty using. I understand it. I see how it works. I can envision applications. I don’t have one that is active. In any case, I watch for information about the wiki’s application to learning. This article in the Campus Technology provides some ideas of how wikis are being used at MIT and Johns Hopkins University:

Linda L Briggs, “Wikis Get Users Talking at MIT, Johns Hopkins ,” Campus Technology, 5/14/2008,


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  1. I just set up my first wiki. I’m in a presidency for a group of women that spans the central part of Kentucky. We are trying to figure out ways of keeping in communication with each other. I find that emails (circulating and re-circulating) get hard to keep track of. So, I suggested a wiki. (I also thought of Google docs, but that requires a gmail account if we all want to be able to modify the documents. All I have to do for the wiki is send these folks an invitation and they can get to it.) Anyway, so far the first person has made it to the wiki to read it and is going to try to add a page. I’ll let you know how it works.

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