creative commons?

If you have published on the Internet (text, video, other), then you may have run into the term “Creative Commons.” What does it mean? It actually refers to the nonprofit Creative Commons organization, which strives to make copyrighted materials available to a greater audience. For background, here’s an article from Encyclopaedia Brittanica and one from Wikipedia. Creative Commons provides free tools to allow authors to share work with specific notes on copyright. Licenses include “Attribution,” which allows others to copy, distribute, display and perform your copyrighted work, but only if they give credit in the way you request; “Noncommercial,” which means the work can be shared, but only for noncommercial purposes; and others choices. See a more complete discussion on the Creative Commons website, and especially under About.

Some websites to which you add your content will ask you which Creative Commons license option you would like to choose. For those that do not, or if you are working on your own website, instructions for posting your Creative Commons license option are here.


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