You may have noticed a new collection of videos on this blog (see bottom of column to the left). This is the result of some experimentation with “Vodpod.” Vodpod is a tool that allows you to “collect” video. You may then visit your collection, share it with others, or even add it to your blog. If you’d like to try, follow the instructions below, created for Blue 2.0.

  1. Go to Vodpod at http://vodpod.com/
  2. Click on Sign Up Now! in the top right corner.
  3. Enter the requested information and click on the SIGN UP button.
  4. On the next page, if you don’t want to find friends now, skip down to the bottom and click on the blue words take me to my account.
  5. Once you can access your VodPod page, look for the words Learn more about how and where You can collect your videos for your pod. This is the page it will take you to.
  6. If you download the browser button, it can be found later under your browser Tools or on your toolbar (depending upon your browser).
  7. If you choose to add from your Vodpod homepage, you can just search out videos or paste their embed code (if you already have it) into the appropriate space on your page (you’ll need to click on paste embed code first. Then you’ll need to click PREVIEW, type in the name and description, and click SAVE. You have now started your Vodpod. You are so cool.

Interested in automatically importing the video into your blog? If available from your blog host, you can simply add the Vodpod “widget” under the widgets or add-in section of your blog administrative area, filling in the requested identifying information. Or, you can add it from Vodpod itself (you have to do it this way for Blogger and some other blog hosts): 1) Start on your Vodpod page, then click on “add Vodpod to your blog.” 2) On the next page, scroll down to the bottom and click on Vodpod Widgets. Click on Get a Widget. The next page will help you with your setup. 3) From the dropdown list at top left, choose Blogger. 4) Click the Add to (insert your blog host here) button. 5) Select your blog from the dropdown list, give it whatever title you like, then click the ADD WIDGET button. 6) You can then rearrange page elements, but if you just want to ignore that, click SAVE. That did it. Your videos will now show up to the side of your blog entries.


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