give us a wilhelm scream!

I subscribe to the feed from, and the strange and wonderful things it brings me are … well, strange and wonderful. Perfect example: The Wilhelm Scream. I was reading the caption of a video taken by someone who was hit by lightening while recording (she survived), and part of it said that her scream was more chilling than the Wilhelm Scream. Well, that was a challenge. I had to find out what The Wilhelm Scream was. Here’s what I found: It’s a scream recording in a motion picture production company library that has been used – over and over and over – in movies beginning in the 1950s (most recently it seems to have been used in the new Indiana Jones movie). Skeptical? All righty, take a look and a listen.

The history: (link to list of movies with Wilhelm Scream at the bottom of the entry)

The clips:

Enjoy your Friday and have a great weekend!


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