shall we play a game?

Can you hear this post’s title in a “computer voice”? Then you probably remember WarGames, possibly with great fondness. Remember when we were all just learning what to do with “home computers”?  A modem? Well, that’s just crazy cool, being able to talk to other computers over the phone! Little did we, the non-computer-literati of the world, know what was about to be unleashed upon us. We sensed that “learning about computers” would be a good thing … but we had no idea, really. In 1983, WarGames brought a taste of it to us. The celebrated “greatest geek movie ever” still brings a smile to my face. So this year marks the movie’s 25th anniversary, and it seems you can find it playing at a few screens and celebrations. Here’s a tribute in Wired, and if you never got a chance to see the movie, here are a few nifty scenes: Mr. Potatohead! Back doors are NOT secrets!, Shall we play a game? , and, of course, the only winning move is not to play.


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  1. I want a WOPR!

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