what is art?

This fun little video approaches the topic of “what is art” by assigning people’s comments to animated figures. Enjoy your long weekend!


getting the whole picture

I really enjoy some of the collections that show up on Flickr. I’ve referred before to the Library of Congress collection on the photo-sharing site. Here’s another interesting collection: a larger group of photos from which six were chosen for an article on photographing science museums. The photos and the subjects themselves are interesting, of course, but so is the whole concept of making appropriate choices to accompany the article – and what gets left out. What a nifty way to show off what doesn’t make the cut. See the photographs on Flickr and also be sure to check out the article at Utata. It could also be used as a catalyst for classroom or small group discussion on a variety of related topics.

voting america

Here’s an interactive map that “examines the evolution of presidential politics in the United States,” 1840-2008: http://www.americanpast.org/voting/. The site includes some nice map visuals with commentary, analysis that includes a look at voting during specific periods of history, and even a look at the history of political mapping.

calendar doodles

Coordinating calendars always seems to be a challenge. Outlook, Outlook+SharePoint, Yahoo calendar, Google calendar, etc. Which ones do you use? A colleague brought Doodle to my attention, and it looks like a nice alternative for calendar coordination. One of its features is the ability to poll meeting participants to help select a date for the meeting.


Here’s a nifty tool that provides maps of historical journeys “from Magellan to Kerouac”: http://awesome.goodmagazine.com/features/011/Wanderlust/

good editors are essential

So in this representation, Willie S. didn’t necessarily know it, but editors really can be our friends.

iMedia Kentucky

iMedia Kentucky has launched. It’s a portal to information about business, organzations, science, technology and more that cross paths with entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. You’ll find video, a blog, radio clips, and reading recommendations among other items on the site: http://imediakstc.typepad.com/imedia/. Partners supporting iMedia Kentucky are the Kentucky Science & Technology Corporation, the Kentucky┬áCabinet for Economic Development, and the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education. I’ve added the link to my “other blogs” section, at right.