Updated March 2, 2012

A tag is metadata (descriptive information) – it’s a key word that helps you index something, like a blog entry or a set of online photographs or bookmarks. You choose your own tags when it comes to your online content, so it’s helpful to think through (and sometimes go back and edit) the tags you set up in your blog or other online collection. You are setting up an indexing system. Depending upon the application or service you are using, your tags may also link to blog entries or photos by others who have chosen the same tags.

To tag an entry, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to your blog (and be sure you’re logged in to your blog host; if you have to log in, then do so and then go to your blog page to continue with Step #2.)
  2. In Blogger, either write a new blog post OR click on the pencil icon at the bottom of a finished blog entry you want to tag.  (In other blog hosts, look for the tagging option on the page where you write the post or in the administrative area.)
  3. Next, look to the right of your blog post. Click on Labels.
  4. In the box that appears below the word Labels, type a tag – a descriptive word. Make it something that other posts will have in common with it. You can give it several tags if you like: social networking, avatars, second life for example.
  5. Click the Done button just below it.
  6. When you view your blog now you will see the tags, or labels, show up below the entry. Readers who click a tag/label will see a list of your blog entries that are tagged with that label; depending upon the application you are using, you may also see other people’s posts that are tagged in the same way. In that way, it can bring together a community blogging about the same ideas (like, say, Web 2.0).

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