An article in the Chronicle of Higher Education titled “TextMeTV Is Either the Future of Television or Beginning of It’s End“) caught my eye – well, the idea of using text messaging in conjunction with live television rather than the title was what caught my eye. Everything since television began has been its future or its demise (my parents remember that TV was supposed to be the death of movies … even multiple home entertainment options haven’t been the death of them, though they have crippled them). I digress. In any case, the article discussed live television programs that use text messaging for interactivity between home and television studio. Of course, viewers have long been able to call in or email questions or comments during live programs. The difference is the use of mobile texting devices and also the use of screen space – shared among the guests, the text messages and other information crowding the screen. Personally, it seems to me that the format is more suited to Internet rather than television. Two people on a couch and a bunch of text doesn’t seem very interesting. But … what about text messaging allowing someone to participate from home in a forum being broadcast live? What about being able to watch an event or activity as it happens or unfolds and texting questions and comments? How about viewing an instructional activity live and texting questions to the teacher or tutor? Hmmmmm. Possibilities.


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