meebo me

If you need a chat aggregator or just an easy, free, web-access chat enabler, you might try Meebo. There’s nothing to download, and it makes connecting with colleagues and friends – via text and video – pretty easy. Below are some instructions.

To complete this activity, visit and turn off pop-up blockers for this site.

  • Click on SIGN UP NOW in the Meebo box to the right.
  • Enter a user name and password, and follow the instructions to enter required information.
  • If you have other IM accounts, you’ll have the opportunity to click on one and add it during sign-up (after entering the information, click the ADD Meebo Account button to add). If not, skip that step by clicking the SKIP button.
  • Once logged in, you can also use the Accounts button at the top of the browser page to add more accounts (like Yahoo! or AIM accounts) to your Meebo.
  • Once you see your Meebo IM tool (it’s tall and narrow) you are ready to IM! Keep the browser window open so that you don’t lose your IM tool. This is handy: You can “pop-out” the narrow IM window and keep it open by clicking on the white square with the arrow pointing into it at the top right. Give it a few seconds to “pop out” (you’ll be able to tell), then minimize the big Meebo window and keep the narrow one open on your desktop. Then open a new browser window to continue surfing the web.
  • Click on the smiley face in your IM tool that has a plus sign on it. Add a user you would like to communicate with (use their sign-on name), then choose [your user name] (Meebo) from the dropdown Login ID list and choose whatever Group you like from the other dropdown list.
  • Important: If someone adds you as a friend, you’ll get a pop-up message. Choose Accept and Add, not just Accept. This will add them to your friends, and you will probably see them show up in a MeeboMe group. You can always “drag” them to another group.
  • Just double-click on a name to instant message someone; if no names are displayed, your “buddies” aren’t online.
  • Note: If your buddy shows up as Offline, then you or they probably “accepted” only instead of “accept and add.” You can delete them and re-do. You might also clear your cache – sometimes that helps.

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