podcast and blog in Bb!

So, I’m getting ready to send the following message out this afternoon to all Blackboard instructors at the University of Kentucky, but if you read my blog you are among the first to know:

The Teaching & Academic Support Center in cooperation with UKIT is pleased to bring UK faculty and instructors a new set of tools for use within Blackboard: Learning Objects‘ Campus Pack, which includes podcasting, blogging (and personal journals), wikis, and search (within courses).

In a few days, TASC will announce workshops for podcasting, blogs and wikis. (What are they? How do I use them? How do I create one?) In the meantime, if you are already familiar with these types of tools and want to try them, here are a few simple steps to access them:

Log in and click on one of your courses.

  • In the Control Panel, under Course Tools, you will see configuration tools for blogs, podcasts and wikis. (If not, see note below these instructions)
    • If, for example, you plan to post a regular podcast (that is, a series of audio files), this is where you can set information about the series title and so on. You will find similar “Configure” pages here for blogs and wikis. All will contain default information based on the course name; you can change it if you like or leave it as is.
    • Notice that for podcasting you can provide iTunes metadata here for iTunesU.
  • In the Control Panel, under Content Areas, enter the area (such as Course Information or Lectures) where you wish to post a podcast, blog or wiki, and from the drop-down “Select” menu to right, select the tool you wish to use (such as Blog) and click Go. Then follow the instructions to enter the title, add your media, or setup your blog or wiki. Be sure to proceed through all the numbered steps and then click Submit to finish.

NOTE: If for some reason you do not find the new tools under your Control Panel, just go to Control Panel > Manage Tools > Building Block Availability and click the check boxes for Blog Tool, Podcast, Search and Wiki Tool.
ALSO: There are known issues using Firefox to listen to podcasts in Bb; please let your students know that if they have difficulty listening in Firefox, switching to Internet Explorer will likely help.

Informational videos are available at http://www.learningobjects.com/demos.jsp about Teams (Wikis), Journal (Blogging), Podcast, Expo, and Search. Watch for new workshops on these tools, to be announced soon!


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