Blue 2.0 for Faculty

If you have read this blog for more than a few months, you know all about Blue 2.0, an initiative in collaborations and interconnectivity that started on campus with University of Kentucky Libraries’ Blue 2.0 and has spread to a TASC version for staff. Next up: Blue 2.0 for Faculty.

TASC will conduct Blue 2.0 for Faculty beginning with a face-to-face meeting on Oct. 1, and wrapping up with another face-to-face on Dec. 1. The point of the effort is to engage faculty who think they might use Web 2.0 technologies and applications in their courses or their research. The first module, on creating and using blogs (web logs), begins on Monday, Oct. 6. Following that will be modules on podcasts (audio and video files that are downloadable and offer subscription feeds), Google Docs and Applications (document sharing, photo editing and more), wikis (collaborative websites), Wimba (web conferencing), and a final week featuring a variety of other Web 2.0 tools to choose from. In each module, participants will create and use the technology and participate in an online discussion of its potential, limitations, advantages, disadvantages and specific uses. To register, contact Bill Burke at or 257-8272.


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  1. I was going to post this tomorrow, but it looks like Bill is getting immediate enrollments. Since space is limited, I thought I’d better post this before the class fills!

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