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Two recent articles discuss online chat as a useful tool for communicating with students. In the article in The Chronicle of Higher Education, a study is cited that says students want more opportunity to engage in chat with their professors. The discussion below the article is also interesting. The other article, in Campus Technology, addresses chat as a tool for “moving the thinking process forward.”

Do you know what your chat opportunities are here on the UK campus? UKIT offers a chat tool with text, audio and video capability called Office Communicator, and it is available campuswide.  TASC also has, on a limited basis, a webconferencing tool available called Wimba that also integrates audio/video/text. Contact Patsy for more information about either Office Communicator or Wimba. There are also free tools out there, such as AIM and Google Talk. My favorite is a newer chat aggregator (meaning you can use it to connect to multiple chat tools) called Meebo. It features text, audio and video capability. Here are some Meebo instructions I’ve written if you’d like to try it.


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  1. We have Meebo on all the machines here at UK’s Young Library and also on the UK Libraries’ website. I think it’s really letting students communicate with us more.

  2. That’s great!

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