video your vote – but careful ’bout it in KY

PBS and YouTube (there’s an odd couple if ever there were one) are joining forces to collect voter experiences in a project titled Video Your Vote. Videos are to be uploaded to YouTube and then some of the most compelling ones will be featured on PBS election coverage. Cool! But. Please remember that voting is a private act, and one that is protected in the United States. It hasn’t been so long ago that groups of people were intimidated at the polls or before elections to keep them from voting – and I expect that still happens to some extent, but more covertly, today. That’s why many states have laws regulating the behavior that can happen in and around a polling place. Be aware that Kentucky doesn’t allow recording in a polling place. But. That doesn’t mean you can’t record your experience up to and afterward, or interview people about their experiences. If you want to participate in Video Your Vote, get creative! That’s what will get you on TV, any way. For more information, here’s a pretty nifty video saying it better than I have (see below). Visit Citizen Media Law Project for more information and links to state laws that affect documenting voting.


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