If you haven’t discovered it, TinyURL is something you must check out. You know those dreadfully long URLs you try to share? On paper, there’s just no way. And in email, people click on them and they end up on clicking on part and getting an error message because the email breaks it up and doesn’t activate part of the link? Gah! So you say: Okay, just copy it and paste it into your browser and you’ll be okay – but then your friend doesn’t know what you mean or still doesn’t copy and paste the whole URL. Yeah, you’ve been there. So, TinyURL resolves that issue. Just go to the TinyURL website, paste the URL and click on Make TinyURL!  And so this http://wikis.ala.org/annual2007/index.php/Handouts,_Podcasts,_and_other_Post_
 becomes this http://tinyurl.com/6nhc7z.

TinyURL also helps out when you’re entering a URL in a line (such as Share a Link in Facebook) and the URL size exceeds the field available for your entry.


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