dance your Ph.D.

It’s not Friday, but this is just really too good to pass up. It’s a contest in which one creates dance from one’s Ph.D in a scientific field. Seriously. Students or those who have already completed the degree in a scientific field are eligible. You create your dance based on your Ph.D. and record it to enter. Winners must have a written peer-reviewed article ready to submit to a choreographer, and then must help the choreographer understand the article so that a four-part dance can be created from the science of the winners. Here’s a link to the Chronicle article with more information and links.

The one below is among my favorites of the current crop. For more info about how the dance representes “Structural analysis of phosducin and its phosphorylation-regulated interaction with transducin beta-gamma” visit and click on More Info to the right of the video.


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