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technology180 will take a break for the rest of December and will return on Monday, January 5, 2009.


google trends

Take a gander at Google’s top searches for 2008, or any previous year. The top two are no big surprise … but what’s nasza klasa ? Yes – keep in mind this is a global list. You can also take a look at categories of searches. Enjoy your weekend!

art installation on SL

Be sure to visit University of KY Island in Second Life this month to see the newest by environmental artist AM Radio. Click on a red door in the UK Art Department’s SL Gallery to visit “The Refuge and the Expansion.” Read more about it on the UK Island SL blog.  (If you have not used Second Life before, you must create an avatar and download the software to visit “in world.”)

get connected on UK campus

UK IT has made Office Communicator (OCS) available on UK’s campus – to all faculty, staff and students. Among other things, having OCS means connecting two or more people in real time through text, audio and/or video (or any combination). Send quick messages back and forth (whether you use a Mac or a PC) for immediate response from others using OCS, or have a video meeting if you can’t make it for a face-to-face. PC users can also download and integrate Live Meeting with OCS (a virtual space for meetings and presentations). Users will need to have a Link Blue account and download while on campus (best bet for getting everything to go well in setup).

Find more information at the UK OCS Wiki. Users in departments with support staff will need to coordinate client software installation with their support staff. Once you’re up, you can add me as a contact to test: Patsy Carruthers.

For a little background, if you are unfamiliar with instant messaging, here’s a Wikipedia article and an EDUCAUSE article titled 7 Things You Should Know About Instant Messaging.

talking head

Check out this recording of live 3D videoconferencing. Scroll down on that page for materials and images. And here’s a related article from the Chronicle‘s Wired Campus. Read and geek out!

soldier stories

As reported last week in the Chronicle, a new video project is under way at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York. The oral history project will feature first-person narratives to document military and wartime experiences. Preview the site at USMA/West Point’s Center for Oral History. This is a great idea. Currently numerous libraries (see the LOC project) are trying to collect a generation of veterans’ stories before we lose those vets; this effort gets one step ahead by collecting from WWII forward in an ongoing manner while providing interesting data for researchers and the public (and a tool for learning at West Point).

new marketing options

A writer hears about his options in the world of Web 2.0 (see below). Enjoy your Fluff – and stay warm this weekend! By the way, if you like this you might enjoy this website: Dennis Cass Wants You to Be More Awesome, dedicated to “the unbranded, the undifferentiated, and the unaffiliated.”