make your own widget

Have you ever put a widget (or gadget, as they are sometimes called) on a blog or Web page? A widget allows me to give you access or interaction with particular information or applications. For example, to the right on this blog you will find a Creative Commons widget. To the left, you’ll find a VodPod widget. On the former, you can see my terms for sharing information on this blog; on the latter, you will be able to play the most recent videos added to my “pod.”

You can also create your own custom widgets, which I recently did to place my blog in a social networking site. One of the tools for creating custom widgets is called Widgetbox. Have you found others that work well? Feel free to post them here in the Comments.


debate in SL

There was an interesting article on Friday in the Chronicle‘s Wired Campus: “College Debate Teams to Face Off in Second Life.”  The debate is set for 8pm (Eastern) on Feb. 4 on St. John’s University campus virtual campus in Second Life. I won’t be there that evening, but I’d love to hear about it from someone. Perhaps they will record it.

matrix on windows

For all of us who hate the MS paper clip. Enjoy your Friday Fluff!

free Wimba session on Second Life in Higher Ed

Wimba (a web conferencing tool available from TASC) offers free online seminars. Coming up next week: Teaching in Second Life for Higher Education. The session will feature “Business Concepts at University of Northern Iowa” and “An Educational Developer at Cal State Chico.” It’s set for 1pm (Eastern) on Tuesday, Jan. 27. You can register here.

from the eye in the sky

Here it is, your moment of Zen (apologies to The Daily Show): How many people can you fit on Capitol Hill?

Capitol Hill during the Inauguration (a GeoEye-1 Satellite image)

Capitol Hill during the Inauguration (a GeoEye-1 Satellite image)

President Obama Inauguration Captured from Space by GeoEye-1 Satellite Sensor, Marking this 2009 Historic Event

president’s perspective

University of Kentucky President Lee Todd is now blogging at President’s Perspective will feature “news, information and fun tidbits” on Tuesdays (and perhaps more often). I’ve added it to my blog links on the right side of this page.

nara online

It’s been a while since I checked out the National Archives website,, so I visited this morning to see what’s new. Plenty. Just a few years ago, the NARA site was fairly text-utilitarian with links to some information but mostly advice on how to get what you need via the U.S. mail (gotta cross-promote, you know). Today, the site is far more dynamic and helpful. Anyone from genealogists to students to the general public will be able to visit the home page and get a decent start to their research. Get an up-close digital view of historical documents; review materials related to the 9/11 Commission; find online resources for teachers and students; and more. The site is a treasure trove, as well it should be.