make and take

Make is a new program debuting on PBS stations this month (see KET schedule – click on M and then Make). You can read about it here, but I mention it because it’s another program that appeals to those who enjoy hands-on learning and the joy of creating something that works. In fact, you can even link to instructions from Make that will teach you how to make your own digital television antenna. No, seriously! There’s something to learn about learning from the popularity of  Mythbusters, History Detectives, potentially Make and other programs that engage in inquiry and hands-on style: there are many of us out there who really do enjoy learning as an engaging process leading to discovery. During my teaching days in high school English and journalism, I found that even the most resistent students (with a few notable exceptions) were learning more when I included student-centered, project-based learning. As we kick off the spring semster, here’s to your own creative ideas – you know what they are. Especially that one you didn’t think would work, but it turned out to be your own little stroke of genius. To quote another television program: “Engage!”


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