online communities

I’ve mentioned social networking a few times. A social network service facilitates the building of online communities. There are many of these services out there, providing networking capabilities for friends, families and colleagues. You’ve probably heard of a few, but the list of sites is longer than you might think. If you are interested in exploring, or if you just want to know something about social networking, here are some examples:

  • Facebook – a networking site that is popular with students and is growing in popularity with a wider population.
  • MySpace – another popular site, with special features that attract musicans and artists of various kinds.
  • LinkedIn – this site links colleagues and former colleagues, and it allows people to record their work history and write recommendations for each other (it is not limited to the world of work, but that’s what it’s built for).
  • Bebo – another popular social networking site with entertainment features.
  • Muse – Internet2 sponsors this social networking site for K-20 I2 users.
  • Friendster – an early social networking site still going strong.
  • – this social networking site focuses on reconnecting classmates (high school, college, etc.)
  • Orkut – a social networking site created by Google.
  • Ning – this site allows you to create your own social networking site based upon a common interest.

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