new media literacies

Take a look at this website from MIT called Project New Media Literacies. The content examines what students need to be both consumers and producers of information and media. You can also join their email list and download a white paper about “confronting the challenges of participatory culture.” 

The topic reminds me of when I was working in public television and our staff was grappling with the idea that our consumers were no longer just consumers. They were actually producing content that was both interesting and relevant. We wanted to find a way to work with those consumer-producers. We did it by opening the door for online content produced by the community, but we also had to help those consumer-producers understand such details as idea development, our quality standards, and the need for release forms.

We’re dealing with a similar situation here: the constituency is already armed with the ability and the means. We need to ensure they also have the skills and understanding. Let’s just get out Bloom’s Taxonomy here – they need to be able to apply their knowledge and understanding, to synthesize what they know and then be able to step back and evaluate what they are creating. Information literacy and media literacy are not “extras” anymore – if they ever were. Today we all need both more than ever.


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