youtube edu

Finally! YouTube has a section of its site dedicated to content from educational institutions. At you will find more than 100 universities represented. UK is not there … yet. Stay tuned.


more LOC new media partnerships

You may recall that I’ve mentioned the Library of Congress’s partnership with Flickr, a folksonomy project that led to the development of The Commons at Flickr. Next up: LOC partnerships with YouTube and iTunes. The purpose is to share more media with the public through the new media that the public is using most. Read more here. Personally, I can’t wait to see Thomas Edison on YouTube. He was always hep to the new media.


I love the videos from College Humor. Previously I posted the Font Conference, and today, for Friday Fluff, I bring you Taft! (Legislation to the max – this man created income tax. Taft!)

I was thinking about this because my former employer, ptv in Cinci, is working on K-12 instructional media about Taft (who was from Cincinnati). I’ll post a link when it’s available. They do good work. In the meantime, enjoy watching Taft! (right on, I can dig it!).

Einstein’s birthday

It’s 130 years for Albert Einstein this month. A number of Web sites celebrate Einstein and his work, including:

Bb 9 Upgrade: The Screencast

For those who don’t do podcasts (see previous post) – here’s a link to the Bb 9 Upgrade presentation created with Camtasia.

Bb 9 Upgrade

University of Kentucky will upgrade to Blackboard 9 on May 12. I’ve created a podcast episode so that you can learn more about the upgrade (this is an mp3; there’s also an mp4 enhanced podcast episode available, although some users may have difficulty accessing it).

When you finish the podcast (approximately 4 minutes, 35 seconds), visit and click on “small” or “large” (appropriate to your viewing needs) to watch a video that shows you what Bb9 will look like.

TASC Calendar and RSS Feed

The TASC calendar has an updated look that’s now available from the TASC home page. In the calendar you will find upcoming events, including workshops and special events. You will also find that we have an RSS feed available from the TASC home page. If you are not sure how, visit Blue 2.0 for a tutorial on feedreaders.