an orientation to Second Life

I’m currently writing a tutorial for Second Life to post on Blue 2.0. Today I’ll post the first steps (for creating an avatar, learning to use Second Life, and visiting University of KY Island) below. If you are game, try it out and let me know how it goes for you. I could use the feedback on the instructions.

A Second Life Orientation

  1. Go to and click onthe GET STARTED button (orange button, top right).
  2. Choose an avatar “look” to get started. You can change your avatar’s look (and even gender) later. As you make your choice, think about your purpose in Second Life. Is it school-related? If so, make your choice somewhat conservative.
  3. At the next screen, you may choose a community, or not.
  4. Enter your avatar’s first name. (Your choice. Choose something that won’t be too hard for friends and colleagues to spell or find by searching.)
  5. Click on Get Available Last Names and choose one, and continue with the registration form.
  6. WRITE DOWN or email to yourself your Avatar first and last names and your password. The most common login problem by far is not remembering your name and password.
  7. Complete the rest of the registration process and click Create Account.
  8. Check your email to click and confirm.
  9. Download Second Life to your computer. (If you are doing this in an office on campus, then you may first need to check with your college or department technology contact.)
  10. Open Second Life and log in with your user name and password. Read and Agree to the Terms of Service and click Continue. PLEASE NOTE: Second Life viewing will depend heavily on the age and graphics drivers of your computer. You may see everything clearly right away; or, you may have limited viewing. If necessary you can make adjustments in Edit>Preferences>Graphics and also >Network.
  11. You will be placed on an island. Follow the instructions to complete tasks and learn how to move in Second Life.
  12. If you did not land on an “Orientation Island,” once you complete #11, then go to Public Orientation Island and complete the tasks there, which are more in-depth and helpful. Use your Search button (bottom middle of screen). Click on it and search under the Places tab for Orientation Island Public. Click on the Teleport button that appears under the picture.
  13. On Orientation Island, you may end up facing an exit sign (this way out). Just turn and follow the footpath to find stations where you can adjust your avatar, move and communicate in Second Life.
  14. When you are finished, go to University of KY Island. Either Search Places for University of KY (spelled exactly like that) and then Teleport, or use this slURL: and click the Teleport Now button that you will see.
  15. Explore the island.
  16. Friend Wildcat Thursday (that’s me): Right click on the body of your avatar, and from the pop-up wheel, choose Friends. (Or, in the top menus click on Edit>Friends.)  To the right of the box that appears, click on Add. Search for Wildcat Thursday and click Select.
  17. Join the University of Kentucky Group: Right click on the body of your avatar, and from the pop-up wheel, choose Groups. (Or, in the top menus click on Edit>Groups.) To the right in the box that appears, click on Search. In the search line, type University of Kentucky. NOTE: Be sure to click the box to choose “Include Mature Content.” Click on University of Kentucky group, then click on View Full Profile. Join the group by clicking Join under the picture.

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