Bb9 workshops and information

The upgrade on UK’s campus to Blackboard Release 9  is set for May 12, and it will bring a fresh, Web-like interface and navigation to Bb. In preparation, TASC is offering instructor workshops throughout April and May. TASC is also preparing an online tutorial for Blackboard instructors that will launch alongside the upgrade: Bb9 101 Online. New online support materials will be forthcoming as TASC and UK’s Customer Service Center team up for a new support partnership, and we’re also making ourselves available for presentations and customized instructor workshops.

Find out more:

  • Read an informational release from TASC about Bb 9 and associated Bb instructor training
  • Training calendar: (click on Calendar in the right column)
  • Watch a brief preview movie of Bb 9 (4 and a half minutes)
  • Ask about customized training or presentations for Blackboard instructors: Contact Claire at or 257-8272 x250.
  • Ask technical questions: Contact Brett at or 257-8272 x255.

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