TurningPoint workshops

Join the Teaching & Academic Support Center (TASC) for donuts, coffee, and juice while you:

  • explore the possibilities of using UK’s official student “clickers” in your classroom;
  • learn how to use TurningPoint with your PowerPoint slides to make your classroom lectures more interactive;
  • upload attendance or quiz scores into your online gradebook in Blackboard;
  • capture, analyze, and display demographic data;
  • and capture responses from one or more remote audiences simultaneously.

Workshops are scheduled for 9am-noon on Monday, May 18; 9am-noon on Tuesday, May 19; and 1-4pm on Tuesday, May 19 (choose one to attend; they are the same workshop). See the schedule at http://www.uky.edu/TASC/ by clicking on Calendar in the column at right on that Web page. 

The workshops are open to faculty, staff, and graduate students with a desire to learn more about using “clickers” in the classroom or about providing assistance to those using or who plan on using clickers in the future. The workshops have time set aside for you to work on your own project with assistance available from the TurningPoint trainer from Turning Technologies.

To register, send email to Erskine Clinton at erskine@uky.edu indicating which session you’d like to join. There is plenty of room available in every session, as TASC has reserved an extra large computer lab for the workshops.


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