important safety tips

If you have logged in to Blackboard today at the University of Kentucky, you will have found that the gentle yellow reminder box is now a blazing red. We are very serious about the IMPORTANT INFORMATION CLICK this! message. The link takes you to Bb9 start-up reminders and a quick link to known issues and their workarounds in Bb9.

We’re still getting many questions covering the topics included on the known issues page, so I’m trying to put it out in as many forums as possible. In that spirit, see below the currently known issues and workarounds

Known Issues and Problems in Blackboard

  1. Forum titles (in Discussion Board) appear in alphabetical order instead of the order specified by the instructor. The alphabetizing is a new feature. If you prefer a different order, here’s the workaround: Precede each Forum title with a number (01, 02, 03, etc.) or a letter (A., B., C., etc.).
  2. If students are having difficulty downloading content (PowerPoints, documents, etc.) using Internet Explorer, they should try using Mozilla Firefox 3 instead ( This appears to be a workable solution until support staff can work with Blackboard to correct the problem.
  3. Columns in the Grade Center cannot be deleted. Check the Wiki for a workaround by hiding them.
  4. Grades cannot be saved in the Grade Center. Check the Wiki for the solution.
    Saving grades solution
  5. Web Browsers are getting old and are not supported any more. Go to the Wiki to see the table of Web Browser information.
    Supported Browsers
  6. Firefox does not play MP3 audio files correctly.
    Audio File Aternative
  7. Internet Explored 8 and Timed Tests.
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Important Info

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