using Wet Paint for your wiki

I recently was asked to provide some start-up instructions for using Wet Paint for a wiki. What follows is a brief how-to for getting your Wet Paint page up and running:

Create a Wet Paint wiki or Web page

(Estimated time to complete: approximately 60-90 minutes)

  1. Go to
  2. Under “Create a free website about anything you love!” there are two lines to type in. Next to Name Your Site, type a name for your wiki. This would be like a title. Example: History Happening… (which would create that title on your wiki page – you can change this later).
  3. Next to Choose Your URL, type the identifier you want in the URL, or “address” line. Example: sasasianhistory (which would make the URL – choose wisely, as you cannot change this).
  4. Click the big GO button.
  5. Follow instructions for describing your site and choosing the category. Decide who can see your site and who can edit your site, and then click on the Continue to Step 2 button.
  6. Choose a style for your site (click on the left and right green arrows to see more choices), and then scroll down and preview. Click on Continue to Step 3 when you are done.
  7. Fill in the requested information, then click on Next, invite some friends to help out.
  8. Add readers/editors, or if you do not want to add anyone (you can change this later), click on just create my site (to the right of the Send the invitations button).
  9. Check the inbox of the email you provided. Save this email! If you think you’ll need it, record your password to save with the email.
  10. Edit your wiki by using the editing buttons at the top of the page.

Pretty easy! For a video explanation, including more about getting started once you get your own wiki page, click here.


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