get virtually synchronous

Office Communicator (OCS) is now available on UK’s campus to all faculty, staff and students. Among other things, having OCS means connecting two or more people in real time through text, audio and/or video (or any combination). Send quick messages back and forth (whether you use a PC or a Mac) for immediate response from others using OCS, or have a video meeting if you can’t make it for a face-to-face. Users will need to have a Link Blue account and download while on campus (best bet for getting everything to go well in setup). PC users can also download and integrate Live Meeting with OCS (a virtual space for meetings and presentations), and they can include people outside UK in those Live Meeting sessions.

Find more information at the UK OCS Wiki. Users in departments with support staff will need to coordinate client software installation with their support staff. Once you’re up, you can add me as a contact to test: Patsy Carruthers.

For a little background, if you are unfamiliar with instant messaging, here’s a Wikipedia article, an Encyclopaedia Britannica article, and an EDUCAUSE article titled 7 Things You Should Know About Instant Messaging.


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