More tips on using Bb9

If you or your students have difficulty using Blackboard 9 (including downloading files, using the Discussion Board, and more), please ensure that you (and they) are using Mozilla Firefox with the most recent version of the Java plug-in. The following information may be helpful:

  1. Download Mozilla Firefox here:
  2. Check to see if you have the most recent version of Java by visiting and clicking the Free Java Download button (if you have the most recent version, it will just tell you instead of downloading).
  3. Check your system by clicking on the “Check your computer against the system requirements” link inside the red box either on the Blackboard login page or on the My Bb tab Page.  (This is a key part so that they have the compatible browser addons or programs loaded that Blackboard needs)
  4. Run only the programs that you need to run when accessing Blackboard.  (This will free up resources for Blackboard.)
  5. If your connection to Blackboard seems slow,
    • Shutdown your Browser.
    • Close all other programs
    • Shutdown your computer (Powerdown, not just a restart)
    • Wait 10 seconds.
    • Power back on your computer
    • Start your Browser and login to Blackboard

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